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Prepping for the BIG show!

We are SO EXCITED about putting on another HUGE show at the beautiful, historic Granada Theater! For those of you who have been following us for a while, you are well versed in how we put on a blow out show!

We have once again brought in the string section and we have added a horns section! Can you guess what song we need horns for?! Think back to 1989…..🧐 We have been so fortunate to bring in a local celerity to sing with us - Roy Patten who famously sings with Erykah Badu! 🤩 Roy Patten!! Singing with ME! 🤩

We have added a handful of all new songs and many new and exciting arrangements of old favorites. And I don’t use ”exciting” lightly…..I’m getting chills just THINKING about these new versions. Ughhhh I’m so excited to share this event with you all!

Now, for each of us in PriMadonna, we are all prepping in our own ways. I know our keyboard and programming wizard, Bobby, has been arranging everything for us - mapping out the songs and creating all the unique sound effects needed to give you the most authentic Madonna sound you know you can depend on us for! Poppy, Rob, and Alan are all slaving away at learning their parts - also working tirelessly to get those sounds just right! Meanwhile, I’m over here panicking about what to wear and learning new choreography! 😆

I have been losing sleep over what iconic Madonna costumes I should bring to this show… do I make them? Where can I find all the pieces I need and make sure the final product looks as close to the real thing as possible? What ELSE can I add?!

Hopefully those images will get you thinking about what songs we could possibly be adding……🧐

I’d love to stay and hang out longer BUT I have a ton of choreography I need to learn, so I’ll just see you at the show, alright?? Click the link for tickets 💜



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