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Upgrades! Upgrades! Upgrades!

Hello, PriMadonna fans, friends, and family! As you know, we have been together since early 2017 playing our first show on December 1, 2017. We have been going strong, the best of friends, and so in love with eachother and our craft for almost 4 years!

What went from a tipsy conversation amongst friends at another gig with another band skyrocketed to the "Best Tribute Band in DFW" within months of our first gig. We have been ripping through North Texas like a bullet train, only slowing down due to stupid covid. It hasn't dimmed our shine- in fact, it has ignited a fire to be BIGGER and BETTER than ever.

Naturally, the first step is to do something we've never done before: GET A FREAKIN WEBSITE! Helloooooo here we are! Isn't she cute? :)

As always, I'm working on costume upgrades. I source pieces, edit, and hand craft everything you see me wear. I'm a master with a glue gun. A personal goal for myself is to learn how to sew. If that happens.....WATCH OUT. The next personal goal is to work on my fitness and ability to dance and follow choreography. I'm ok but could absolutely improve.

My bandmates are constantly upgrading their equipment and never cease to amaze me with their talent. Not to brag, but literally each of them deserves to be way in an internationally touring, award shows, million dollar paychecks band-type famous.

I intend to post here regularly. Keep it fun. Keep it cute. If there's ANYTHING you want to see more of, please let us know! We aim to please!

I love all of you so much. Thank you for your continued support! YOU GIVE US LIFE!



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